Today, modern building techniques have resulted in homes that are more energy-efficient than ever. However, this has resulted in modern homes requiring ventilation. In the past, houses didn’t require it because they were already leaky. Fresh air was able to move in and out of them easily. Also, older homes were constructed from mainly natural products that didn’t emit volatile organic compounds like the products of today do, making ventilation a needed feature. Attics, basements, and crawl spaces often need more ventilation, but you can get whole-house systems that ventilate every area.

The Benefits of Ventilation

Ventilation systems improve your home’s indoor air quality. They expel pollutants and control moisture, preventing mold from developing. A good ventilation system can maintain your home’s structural integrity and decrease maintenance costs. This type of system may also increase your home’s value.

Energy Recovery Systems

Energy recovery systems are helpful because they offer a managed way to ventilate your house while decreasing energy loss. This kind of system decreases the energy costs of heating ventilated air during the winter by shifting heat from the warm interior exhaust to the outside air supply. In the summer, an energy recovery system uses the inside air to cool the warmer supply air, which decreases cooling costs.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

A heat recovery ventilation system provides a constant supply of warm air through the system. The main difference between the two systems is how the heat exchanger works. An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) sends some water vapor with the heat energy while a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) sends just heat. An HRV decreases energy costs and lowers the amount of carbon dioxide in your home. Like an ERV, an HRV uses a heat exchanger in addition to one or more fans to send air through it. Most of these units are central, whole-house systems that use their own ductwork or share it.

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