It is not uncommon for people to erroneously refer to an HVAC system as simply a “heater” or “air conditioner.” The letters in HVAC correspond to the words “heating,” “ventilation,” and “air conditioning,” and a complete HVAC system includes all these components.

Combining each of these functions into one system eliminates the need to adjust a separate unit to control them. It also ensures the functions will work together seamlessly when the system is in good working condition. Honest Air Conditioning is available to help Arizona households in Mesa and the surrounding areas remain comfortable by maintaining their HVAC systems.


Residential structures are most often heated by furnaces and boilers located in the basement. Furnaces and boilers leverage the natural upwardly mobile property of heat. In doing so, they force warm air from the lower level to the rooms above the unit. The heating system may also be connected to the home’s water system to provide warm water for showers and bathing.


A ventilation system may be natural or forced. Homes most often require forced ventilation because natural ventilation has limited use, particularly in warm, humid settings. Proper ventilation removes excess water vapor from a building to prevent the build-up of uncomfortable humidity and toxic vapors. This portion of the HVAC system features a combination of fans and is installed in typically unoccupied and uninhabitable spaces in the building.

Air Conditioning

Virtually everyone who lives in a warmer climate is familiar with the vital role air conditioning plays in a building. An air conditioner transfers heat from inside the home and moves it outside. The air conditioning and heating functions may be combined in an HVAC system by installing a heat pump. Combining features can save the homeowner money by reducing installation costs and eliminating the need for a backup feature.

HVAC Installations and Upgrades

When you need to install or upgrade an existing air conditioner or HVAC system, Honest Air Conditioning can help. Our seasoned technicians are waiting to help you discover the most cost-effective options for achieving a comfortable, healthy home all year round. Contact us today to receive an estimate or to schedule a service appointment in the Mesa area.