People use the terms air conditioning (AC) and HVAC interchangeably in writing. While there are some similarities between the two, they are not exactly the same. Since these systems have different functions, they feature different capabilities.

What the Acronyms Stand For

To understand the differences, it’s important to know the terms. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. AC is just air conditioning.

In the past, AC systems were the standard in the home climate industry. The use of the initials did not change even after the systems continued to evolve. This is why contractors and experts also use HVAC and AC as if they are the same.

What the Individual Elements Mean

HVAC includes two important components — heating and ventilation — missing from an air conditioning system. Heating systems include a furnace or a boiler and ducts or vents. Some HVAC systems don’t have ducts or vents. Instead, they use home insulation and pressure differentials.

In an HVAC system, the vent system can carry hot or cold air. When the temperatures are below the set thermostat levels, the furnace kicks in. The warm air moves through the ventilation system into the room.

Ventilation also involves air quality. The ventilation system involves things like:

  • Airflow inside the premises
  • Airflow outside the premises
  • Smoke control
  • Air purification

The air conditioner is cooler because it does not involve any warm air. When the internal temperatures exceed the comfortable levels, you turn on the air conditioner. However, an air conditioner cannot help if the room is cold. The best someone can hope for is to open window blinders to allow light and sunshine inside the house.

HVAC Systems Are Not Just Commercial Units

There are many manufacturers currently making HVAC units for homes. In the past, the HVAC system was mainly a commercial product. Most new buildings have HVAC systems, which are automatic and energy-efficient.

These systems rely on advanced technologies in the home insulation industry. If you ever need any heating services or AC services, you should hire professionals. Contact us at Honest Air Conditioning in Mesa, AZ, today for a quote.