Indoor air quality is essential for families in Apache Junction. Air quality testing and quality control will ensure that the air you breathe is healthy and clean. As dust and other particles build up over time, it could become a health risk to your loved ones. For the health of your family, good, breathable air is necessary.

Indoor Air Quality in Apache Junction, AZ

Particles that enter your house often carry allergens and other irritants. Once they’re in, pollen, dirt, and other pollution can build up in your ducts, creating an even worse living environment. That’s why maintaining good air quality is key. Honest Air Conditioning is here to help with a wide range of indoor air quality services.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Filters will help keep those pesky particles at bay by trapping them in and not letting them escape. Several types of filters can trap large or microscopic contaminants. They hold on to the particles that would otherwise build up in your HVAC system.

A purifier uses filters in the same fashion, except when it traps the harmful particles, it disperses purified air into the environment. There are many types of filters ranging in price and functionality. Some purifiers use UV light to venture out and capture harmful particles as well.

An air scrubber works similarly to the purifier mentioned above. This device sends out negative ions to cling onto nasty particles in the air. They’re then sucked back into the filter. Air scrubbers require no maintenance and work independently. They also work to purify surfaces as well.

Improving Indoor Air QualityThere are several other methods of improving the air quality in your home.

  • Duct sealing
  • Dehumidifiers and humidifiers
  • Microbe-blocking HEPA filters
  • Duct cleaning

Without good air quality, pet dander and other odors will sit on your surfaces and sink in. In addition, your household could have millions of harmful particles drifting throughout it, which will be breathed in by your loved ones if your air quality is poor. This is very harmful to people with allergies or breathing conditions. That’s why it’s crucial to have your home’s air quality tested every once in a while.

We also offer indoor air quality services to residents in:

Air Quality Testing in Apache Junction

At Honest Air Conditioning, we promise accountability, honesty, and integrity to our customers because we expect it from ourselves. All of our heating and cooling technicians are certified and fully capable of handling your air quality needs.

It’s never too late to begin ensuring the health of your loved ones. For air quality testing or assistance with any of your other air quality needs, call us today.