When you want air quality testing performed in Tempe, AZ, don’t look further than Honest Air Conditioning. Having clean air in your home is important for health and comfort. If you’ve found yourself sneezing often or dealing with itchy eyes, you may have unhealthy levels of pollution in your home. Our professional air quality services can determine the concentrations and types of contaminants that you’re dealing with. We’ll be able to explain your various options for cleaning the air in your space.

Air Quality Testing in Tempe, AZ

Particulates, chemical vapors, molds, bacteria, and viruses can all circulate in your home. If your home doesn’t have enough fresh air getting in, they can build up in high concentrations. Homes that are highly energy efficient and built to be airtight often experience air quality issues. They can be worse during times of the year when you don’t want to keep your windows and doors open. Exposure to air pollution can cause respiratory distress and may even lead to heart and lung disease.

We also offer indoor air quality services to residents in:

Experienced Air Quality Services in Tempe

Seeking professional advice can help you understand your options for improving indoor air quality. We can install one of a variety of systems, including air purifiers, air scrubbers, UV lights, and filters, that’s properly sized for your needs. You’ll receive training on the operation and care of your new system. You’ll be able to have complete confidence in the air circulating in your home.

Experienced Air Quality Services in TempeCommon sources of indoor air pollution include:

  • Pets
  • Cooking and candles
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Outdoor sources

Air Quality Testing Specialists

The technicians from Honest Air Conditioning are committed to offering exceptional air quality services throughout Tempe. Our family-owned and -operated heating and cooling company has been serving the area for decades. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured so that our services can be used with confidence. Our BBB-accredited company has been given an A+ rating. The best interests of our customers are always kept in mind. Our team is stocked with all of the parts, materials, and tools we need to make a job go smoothly. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers with everything we do. We refuse to ever cut corners.

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