HVAC checkAn air conditioning maintenance inspection or tune-up is an opportunity for our HVAC techs to optimize your system. Here at Honest Air Inc. in Mesa, AZ, we offer comprehensive AC inspection services. Before you schedule your AC tune-up in Arizona, take a look at what you can expect to happen during our visit for our air conditioning inspection.

Air Conditioning Evaluation

Our AC inspections begin with a thorough evaluation of your air conditioning system. The examination covers everything from the physical AC unit and filters to the way the system functions. Our techs will manually examine the indoor and outdoor components, which includes the AC unit motor, belts, and hoses.

If anything is cracked, broken, leaking, or otherwise jeopardizing the integrity of your AC system, we will recommend a repair or replacement. In some instances, repairs may be done during the same visit. However, if we need to order parts or the service requires a more extensive timeframe, we will require you to schedule a follow-up visit to handle the repairs.

Coolant Level Checkup

The next step is to manage the coolant level in the air conditioning system. Along with a coolant top-off, we also handle everything from condensate pumps and circuits to drain lines and electrical components. During our AC inspections in Mesa, AZ, we look for any signs of wear or damage and make the necessary replacements or repairs.

Optimized AC Performance

The last area we focus on when doing an AC inspection in Arizona is boosting the performance of your air conditioning system. During an AC tune-up, we replace the HVAC filter and other filters to reduce dust and debris build-up. This helps ensure your air conditioning is running at peak performance without overextending its energy consumption. We also clean and calibrate your HVAC after completing your AC tune-up.

When to Schedule AC Tune-Up

Honest Air Inc. air conditioning technicians recommend scheduling an AC tune-up in the early spring. Ideally, you will get your AC inspected before you put it through the ringer in the spring and summer months. This way we can make any replacements or repairs to ensure your system is operating in top performance.

Scheduling AC Inspections in Mesa, AZ

Now that you understand what takes place during an AC inspection in Mesa, AZ, it is time to schedule one of your own. Here at Honest Air Inc., we provide comprehensive AC inspections and tune-ups. Contact our office to schedule an air conditioning inspection in Arizona.