You love your home and want to be comfortable when you are in it; in turn, you take care of it to the best of your ability at all times. Winter can make that care a little more difficult. When winter comes back around, you often make a number of changes to your home care routine to ensure that everything continues to run smoothly as the degrees begin to dip lower. Knowing which thermostat temperature is the most suitable for the colder months is one such way that you can help to keep your house in order. Believe it or not, the temperature of your residence makes a huge difference.

Why It Matters

Setting your thermostat to a lower temperature when you’re out of the house during the winter months means that your furnace doesn’t have to work as diligently. In fact, once it reaches that temperature, which should be pretty easy to do in the latter half of the year, it doesn’t really work at all. Setting your thermostat lower when you leave can help to preserve the integrity of your HVAC system and even save you money in the long run. Your home and your wallet will be happy that you did.

The Perfect Temperature

While this number may come as a shock to anyone who feels a little cold-blooded and craves warm weather, the ideal temperature to set your thermostat ranges between 58 and 68 degrees. If you like it warmer, setting the thermostat to 68 while you’re at home and 58 right before you go to bed can ensure that your furnace works only as hard as it needs to. Also, lower temperatures are actually better for sleeping. Finally, setting your thermostat to around 58 degrees helps your energy bill to drop substantially. That’s one drop that we can probably all get behind, warm weather lovers or not!

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