With rising utility prices and growing concerns about our resource usage, many people are looking for ways in which they can save energy and money. Geothermal heating is a solution that a lot of those people are turning to. While it may be a new idea to some, the concept has actually been around for thousands of years. The whole premise behind geothermal heating is that we can take advantage of the earth’s natural heat retention to warm our homes.

The Specifics

In modern times, geothermal heating uses a closed loop system of pipes that go deep underground and return back up to your home. Inside those pipes, there is a water solution that can absorb the heat of the earth and transport it into your residence. A water-to-air heat pump can take that energy and warm your air with it. Water-to-water heat pumps can transfer heat to your water system.

The reverse process can occur in the summer. The water solution takes in heat from your home and sends it deep underground. Since the earth is at a constant temperature, it’s generally hotter in our homes than underground at this time of year, so heat can easily be expired from the water solution in your closed loop system.

Will It Work For You?

If you’d like to explore whether geothermal heating can be installed at your home, the team from Honest Air Conditioning in Mesa, AZ, would be happy to help. We can assess your situation and walk you through some options. We’ll then work closely with you to come up with a practical plan. If you do install a geothermal heating system, you’ll likely see your utility costs go down dramatically.

Call on the Professionals

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