Maintenance service for air conditioning units may seem superfluous. While you should arrange to get one at least once a year, some people question if they’re necessary at all. Are tune-ups really worth all the trouble of scheduling competent professionals to work on your unit?

The short answer is that they certainly are. Here are just a few reasons why your AC tune-ups can give you huge returns.

Air Quality Improvement

As your AC gets clogged and dirty, it has a more difficult time circulating and filtering the air. The junk in your air conditioner will transfer to the air in your home if regular maintenance isn’t performed. This could be bad for your equipment, your air quality, and your personal health.

Fewer Repair Costs

When your AC is strained and running poorly or it has loose parts, it is far more likely to break down and need costly repairs. It may even need a complete replacement. This is much more time-consuming than a simple tune-up would be.

Lower Energy Bills

Air conditioner units cost a lot of money in utility bills. Tune-ups make them more efficient so that you can ensure the temperature in your house suits your preferences without spending a fortune. An AC that is struggling does a poor job of making a home comfortably cool in the summer. Tune-ups improve efficiency so that you can sustain the perfect temperatures in your home.


If your unit begins to leak refrigerant, it can be a potential health hazard to those in your home. Rising internal pressure in your compressor can result in very dangerous problems. However, regular tune-ups typically help prevent these issues.

All of these are excellent reasons to get a tune-up for your AC system this year. Here at Honest Air Conditioning, we offer installation, repair, and maintenance services for both heating and cooling systems in Mesa and the surrounding areas. If you live in this vicinity, give us a call or contact us online today to request our professional services.