Whether you do it yourself or have a technician handle it as a part of regular maintenance, air filter replacement is essential to maintaining an energy-efficient AC system, preventing breakdowns and keeping the indoor air clean.

Their Impact on Energy Efficiency

Air filters trap dirt and other pollutants; when these build up, they will restrict airflow. The air handler will thus have to work harder to circulate the air, causing strain. The compressor may even start to overheat in serious cases. In any event, one of the first things that homeowners tend to notice as a result of this burden is a rise in their electricity bills.

Their Link With Other AC Components

As mentioned above, the filters affect how the compressor and air handler operate. Another component that filters indirectly affect is the condenser coil.

When AC filters are clogged with dirt, they can no longer trap the pollutants. This means dirt goes into the system and coats the condenser coils, creating more heat than the refrigerant in those coils can absorb. As a result, the system will either work longer to cool the home or simply blow out lukewarm air.

If any of these components fail, it will necessitate costly repairs. Homeowners may be left without a working AC for several days until those repairs are completed.

Their Ability to Keep Air Clean

By circulating indoor air, the AC system may pick up pet hair, dander and other allergens. From outside, the AC system may bring in pollen. Without clean filters to capture these, homeowners will not be breathing clean air. Those with allergies will be especially unhappy.

Getting Professional Assistance Is a Good Idea

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