Air conditioning repairs are essential to maintaining a quiet, energy-efficient unit. Homeowners who neglect repairs should expect one or more of the following hazards, though most of these apply to central AC units and heat pumps rather than ductless mini-splits.

Loud Noises

ACs can emit a wide range of unusual noises. Rattling and banging usually point to loose components while hissing and whistling may signify, respectively, a refrigerant leak and air leak. Grinding noises could be produced by the pistons in a worn-out compressor. In any case, the noises can be continuous, loud and irritating.

Diminished Cooling Power

Issues that go unaddressed will compromise a cooling unit’s performance. So, for example, dirt on the evaporator coil will prevent it from absorbing the heat inside the home. A clog in the condensate drain pipe may lead to flooding. Clogged vents and filters may lead to some rooms being cooler than others.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Dirt and the ductwork and filters may also cause pollutants like pollen, dirt, and dander to invade the home. At Honest Air Conditioning, we provide duct cleaning and sealing across the Mesa, Ariz., area. When the filters are replaced, they can once more trap those contaminants.

High Electricity Bills

When an AC has to struggle to reach the temperature you set, it will leave you with not only below-average performance but also a spike in your electricity bills. Anything from air leaks to worn-out motors and refrigerant leaks can contribute to this.

Risk for Costly Breakdowns

When issues are left unattended, they grow and raise the risk for a breakdown. Some issues, such as locked-up compressors and refrigerant leaks, can be so costly that a complete AC replacement is often the better route.

Hire a Company with Zero Complaints

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