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Honest Air provides the best service, repair, installation and maintenance of cooling and heating systems in Tempe, Arizona. Call us the minute you suspect you have a problem with your furnace and need heating repair in Tempe.

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Our team strives to maintain the highest standards of satisfaction for our customers with each service we provide. No matter what service you call on us for, we’ll ensure that the job is carried out with efficiency, pride, and a commitment to quality. With years of dedicated service to Tempe and the surrounding areas, we’ve earned an A+ rating with the BBB and have ZERO complaints registered with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. When it comes to heating, offer the best service possible. We hope you’ll choose Honest Air, Inc. as your Heating Company. Call Honest Air Conditioning in Tempe today!

Tempe Furnace Repair & Service

If your heating system is showing any signs of malfunction, we recommend having a trusted, experienced heating technician like one from Honest Air Conditioning. Small repairs can turn into costly damage to your heater if left unresolved, and issues like a malfunctioning thermostat, poor heating, and frequent cycling won’t just go away. If you request our service, we’ll identify the true source of the problem and provide you with a transparent estimate so you can decide which course of action is best for you and your home, regardless of the make or model. If approved, we’ll use the highest quality of parts and equipment to completely resolve the issue. We always test our work, and operate with complete respect for you and your property. Heating Repair in Tempe is our specialty! Call us today.

Consider Preventative Maintenance

Do you ever wonder if your equipment for heating in Tempe Arizona really needs to be maintained seasonally? Our furnaces don’t get a ton of use in our warm winters, so why would your furnace really need maintenance? While it is warm here, our climate may make it even more important to have your furnace checked. Here are a few things we look for:

  • Our hot, dry weather can take its toll on mechanical components, particularly if your furnace is up in your hot attic. Imagine something sitting all summer in an attic that gets exposed to extreme temperatures. We check to make sure the parts are lubricated and nothing has cracked throughout the year.
  • Arizona tends to be a dusty place and that can accumulate in your furnace and cause issues. During a maintenance visit, the technician will inspect all of the components and clean any excess debris.
  • Maintenance also includes things like testing the temperature of the air that comes out, checking connections and checking to make sure all parts are functioning properly. This can help extend the life of your furnace and ensure that your furnace safely heats your house.

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