Honest air conditioning indoorIn order to save power while maintaining a comfortable home, many people wonder whether it is better to leave their air conditioning unit turned on or set to automatic. The topic can be confusing as there seems to be conflicting advice available as to which method works best. Automatic will turn the unit off when it isn’t needed, as some people might argue, and therefore saves energy. The other viewpoint is that leaving the unit to the “on” setting will keep the fan running, circulating air so the compressor doesn’t have to run as much to keep the house cool.

Automatic Setting
It is true that the “automatic” setting is actually how the unit was designed and intended to be used. It will run when needed to cool the air and shut off when the temperature is at a preset level of comfort. In general terms, such a setting is going to be most efficient. The exception may be for people who want to spend time with the air conditioner turned off to either allow fresh air in through open windows or if they are away from home for extended periods and don’t need the air quality maintained.

Such situations may require research because the unit will have to work harder to cool down the area rather than maintaining the temperature.

Leaving the AC On
Leaving the unit set to the “on” position is rarely a great choice as it will use more power to keep the fan blowing whether the compressor is cooling air or not. It might make sense for someone with allergies or other specific needs for especially clean air, as the fan continues to move air through the filter while circulating air through the home. Manually turning the unit on and off as needed can work for some people as well, if they are disciplined enough to consistently remember to adjust the system’s controls.

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