Do you have a malfunctioning air conditioner at your home or business in Mesa, AZ? Perhaps your outdoor AC unit is struggling or making strange sounds, or its fan blades are not turning. These are just three of the many potential signs indicating the need for AC motor replacement.

An air conditioner has a lot of parts, but the motor is the heart of the unit. When your AC motor stops working, the heat in Mesa can make the environment in your home or business uncomfortable. Naturally, you want to get your air conditioner operating at full capacity again as soon as possible. That is more than enough reason to turn to the experts for assistance.

Let’s look at some reasons why it’s a good idea to call an HVAC pro for AC motor replacement.

The Proper Training and Skills

An HVAC pro possesses the training and the skills to successfully replace an AC motor. One of the many steps of replacing an AC motor is removing the malfunctioning one from the unit. This involves disconnecting the appropriate wires and detaching the AC motor from the fan.

A professional HVAC technician understands this process and knows how to do it without damaging any parts of the unit. After all, damaging other parts of an AC unit results in greater cost and more time without your AC. An HVAC pro is familiar with an air conditioner’s wiring system and knows which ones connect to the motor.

While the technician is detaching the AC motor, they can look for other issues in need of attention. Maybe you have loose wiring, a worn connection, a damaged fan belt, or a condenser in need of repair. An HVAC pro has the training to recognize potential issues and determine the necessary repairs.

A capable HVAC technician stays current on the latest tools, equipment, supplies, and practices to provide effective work. This ongoing study of the latest technology in the HVAC industry allows technicians to maintain their expertise.

The Right Types of Tools and Equipment

An HVAC pro has the right tools and equipment to tackle the job of replacing an AC motor. Professionals in the industry know that there are certain types of equipment and tools designed to accomplish specific tasks. These specialized tools make a project easier and safer.

For example, a commercial fan blade puller disconnects an air conditioner’s fan from the shaft on the motor. Another type of tool called a multimeter checks the voltage of an AC unit. A technician knows where to place the multimeter and how to ensure its accuracy. This professional will also know whether the measurements they take are normal or whether they signal a problem with the system.

Using these specific tools allows an HVAC pro to handle the task without damaging the unit. Using the right tools will also cut down on the amount of time it takes to replace an AC motor.

Our certified HVAC technicians at Honest Air Conditioning use the latest tools and equipment to replace AC motors. We know that using quality equipment plays an essential part in providing you with first-rate installation work.

Knowledge of AC Motors

If you’ve ever seen the motor in your AC unit, you probably noticed its label. Every AC motor label displays the motor’s type, part number, voltage level, etc. A trained HVAC technician uses this information to find a replacement motor that pairs with the AC unit. Putting the wrong type of motor in an AC unit can cause damage to the system.

A professional HVAC technician is likely to have lots of experience installing motors into multiple AC units. Through hands-on experience, an HVAC technician learns about the pros and the cons of various brands of AC motors. Ask the technician about a particular motor brand, and you’re sure to hear some honest impressions. In other words, a pro HVAC technician has seen it all!

When you hire an HVAC pro, you benefit from their years of practical experience in the industry.

Awareness of Safety Practices

Working with an AC unit can be dangerous. These devices run on a high voltage level and contain harmful chemicals such as refrigerant. This is another significant reason you should call an HVAC pro for AC motor replacement.

Part of the training of an HVAC expert includes instruction on safety practices when working on an air conditioning system. An HVAC technician knows how to dissemble and assemble an AC unit without coming in contact with dangerous chemicals. Plus, this professional has special safety gear to wear as a precaution while working on an AC system.

In addition, an HVAC technician knows how to handle harmful chemicals in an environmentally friendly way.

Familiarity With Your AC System

Calling an HVAC pro to replace your AC motor allows the technician to get familiar with the unit. If you have another issue with your AC device, you’ll have a trusted professional to turn to. The technician has already seen the condition of your system and may already have an idea about the problem. A go-to HVAC pro in Mesa can give you valuable peace of mind.

Furthermore, an HVAC pro can make recommendations to you concerning the future care of your air conditioning unit. For example, if the technician sees a component with a lot of wear and tear, they may suggest replacement. Or, the technician may give you a ballpark figure on the life span of a particular part. This input can help you make informed decisions regarding your HVAC system.

Get Tips for Maintaining Your AC System

Establishing a connection with an HVAC technician means you benefit from maintenance tips offered by this professional.

After replacing your AC motor, the technician can give advice on how to maintain your outdoor unit. The pro may tell you how to clean the dirt off the fins of your heat pump without damaging them. Or, the technician may describe how you can tell if your AC unit is working at its most efficient. Any maintenance tips provided by an HVAC pro will help you keep your AC system in good working order. Not surprisingly, maintaining an AC system can prolong its life.

Our team of HVAC pros can expertly replace your AC motor and get your system running again! Our other services at Honest Air Conditioning include AC installation and maintenance as well as heating installation, repair, and maintenance. In addition, our company can improve the indoor air quality of homes and businesses with air cleaners, humidity control, and more. We boast a wide variety of products to meet the needs of our neighbors in Mesa and the surrounding area.

Our company has no complaints from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and maintains an A+ rating with the BBB. Our dependable technicians will strive to arrive on time and treat your property with respect. We are glad to answer your questions about your AC motor replacement or any other service we provide. Call Honest Air Conditioning in Mesa to schedule an appointment today!