Mini Split ACYou may want to invest in a mini-split AC in Fountain Hills, AZ, for indoor comfort.

Many homeowners, including those with a ducted system, have already integrated the mini-split into their homes. These ductless units are perfect for garages, tool sheds, and other exterior areas that preexisting ductwork cannot reach.

They can also work well for room additions. Though the air handler of a mini-split system only cools one room, you can install up to eight of them with a single compressor and thus have a viable alternative to ducted units.

Perks of Purchasing Mini-Split System

These ductless systems work just like their ducted counterpart: The air handler pulls heat out of the indoors and releases that heat outside through the compressor, bringing cool air back into the home. This can occur when the refrigerant flows between the two units via a pipe. The only difference is that a mini-split air handler is smaller and cools a room rather than a whole home.

Ductless systems prove much easier to install than their ducted counterparts. You can avoid ductwork and place the air handler(s) up to 50 feet away from the compressor, eliminating hassle. The compressor is something of an eyesore, and 50 feet allows you to hide it away in the backyard. The air handler, though, is a sleek and compact unit that fits into any style of room.

Get mini-splits for these reasons above all:
  • Durability and energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation and variable-speed settings
  • Multi-zone cooling with multiple air handlers
  • Directional airflow and other features

Affordable Mini Split ServiceYou’ll save energy because your cool air won’t seep through any ducts but directly enter your home. Variable-speed operation and the fact that you can turn off the air handler in a room when empty will also contribute to a low monthly bill.

By durability, we mean that a mini-split can last twice as long as a ducted system as long as one gets yearly maintenance for it and doesn’t overuse it. Expect a maximum lifespan of 30 years, to be exact.

Fountain Hills Mini-Split AC Installers

Our HVAC company at Honest Air Conditioning can present you with a range of mini-split products that fit your budget, and we’ll give you a free estimate for equipment, parts, and maintenance.

We’ve had zero complaints from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, and our rating with the BBB is a perfect A+. Trust our technicians, for they have the experience and extensive training to help you.

To learn more about mini-split AC systems and whether they would suit your home in Fountain Hills, call Honest Air Conditioning today. We’re also available to help with furnace repair, AC repair, and heat pumps.