Mini Split ACThere are plenty of homeowners who use a mini-split AC in Apache Junction, AZ, whether it’s for one room or every room. A mini-split system is basically a ductless heat pump and operates on the same principles.

In cooling mode, the indoor air handler draws heat out of the living space and releases it outside from the compressor unit. Between the compressor and air handler runs a line for the chemical called refrigerant. As with any comfort unit, there’s a thermostat to establish a set point for indoor temperature.

Mini-splits are versatile and answer to a wide range of needs. Perhaps you built an additional room to your home and know that extending the ductwork to that room will throw off the balance of air circulation. Or maybe you want an outbuilding, such as a tool shed, cooled.

A mini-split would be the way to go. These systems are also perfect for older homes that can’t support ductwork. A single compressor can support eight air handlers, which can translate to virtual whole-house cooling.

Advantages of Installing Mini-Split ACs

It’s not difficult for technicians to install ductless heat pumps. It’s minimally invasive; you’ll just need a 3-inch hole in the wall of your living space to let the refrigerant line through.

The air handler is compact enough to fit on any wall, and its style won’t clash with the rest of your home. The refrigerant line can stretch for as long as 50 feet, allowing you to hide away the rather bulky compressor.

Here the main advantages of a mini-split:
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • A long lifespan compared to ducted units
  • Multi-zone cooling with multiple units
  • Directional airflow and wireless access

Affordable Mini Split ServiceDucted heat pumps last around 15 years with regular maintenance, but the ductless variety can run for twice that length before needing replacement. And during those years, you’ll get efficient operation since there are no ducts to let your cool air seep out.

As an alternative to whole-house cooling, mini-splits give you the advantage of multiple temperature zones to accommodate each member of your family. You can save more energy, too, by shutting down air handlers in unoccupied rooms.

Apache Junction’s Premier Mini-Split Providers

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