Energy Efficiency As your air conditioning unit begins to age, you may notice that they lose their efficiency. The problem may be even worse if you have not been performing regular maintenance services on your AC system. Always talk to an air conditioning professional before deciding on the air conditioning unit for your home. If you do not get the right size of air conditioner for your home, it may not be efficient. If you maintain your AC units, they could maintain a good working condition for 20 years.

Consider Replacement

En the best air conditioning units cannot run efficiently for too long. If your units are twenty years or older, consider replacement. Consider the costs of replacement and that of repair if your AC unit is not too old. If the cost of getting a new C is lower or almost the same as the cost of repair, you should get a replacement. Repairing older air condition units is usually more expensive than repairing new ones. It gives you a chance to get newer models which are more energy-efficient. If you decide to get a new system, look for models that meet or surpass the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Use a Ceiling Fan

Even though ceiling fans can not technically cool a room, they can create a breeze which makes a room feel cooler. Using a ceiling fan can make a room feel more comfortable. They are affordable and you can use them simultaneously with air conditioners.

Maintain Your Ducts and Filters

Always ensure that there are no leaks in your ductwork and hat you change your filters regularly. Faire o change your air filters is not only a cause for high energy bills but also a potential health risk. Your ductwork carries cool air. If it has a leakage, your AC has to work harder to keep your room cool.

Increase Your Thermostat

Adjust your thermostat down in winter and up in summer to save energy. A programmable thermostat is convenient because it allows you to automatically set the temperatures for different times of the day. It is a waste of money and energy to set your AC at temperatures that are cooler than normal.

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