The air that you breathe each day can have a significant impact on your health over time. During the winter months, it can be challenging to get fresh air due to the cold weather conditions outside. If you want to protect your health and avoid potential issues, there are a few ways to improve your indoor air quality in the winter.

Use a Carrier Humidifier

Many people are unaware of how beneficial humidifiers are to use during the winter season. These machines add moisture to the air, which can prevent viruses and illnesses from spreading in a building. Studies show that people are at a higher risk of getting sick in dry climates, which makes it necessary to install a humidifier that will improve the air quality almost immediately.

Change Air Filters

Air filters are used to collect pet dander, dust, debris, and small particles that can circulate in the building and are often dangerous for residents to inhale. Make it a point to replace your air filter every one to three months.

Select a product that has a high MERV rating, which will allow more contaminants to be trapped as the heater is operating. Installing a new filter will improve the efficiency of the appliance. It can also reduce your energy usage and help ensure that you pay less on your bill each month.

Keep the Space Clean

If you don’t keep the space clean in your home, then the dirt that settles onto different surfaces will begin to circulate in the air. You’ll need to sweep, vacuum, and mop weekly to remove any dirt that has been tracked into the building. You’ll also want to dust each room to prevent the dirt from circulating in the air, which can aggravate allergies and respiratory issues.

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