Winter comes, the season is merry and bright… until you get your winter energy bill and see how expensive it can be to keep your home at a reasonable temperature this time of year. There are some simple ways to lower your heating bill and increase the money in your pocket this holiday season:

  1. Change out worn weather-stripping for new weather stripping. Whether it’s old, has been damaged by children or pets, or is missing in certain areas of your home, make sure that every door in your home is properly sealed from the outside air. Since up to 30% of your heating bill can come from heating drafty areas, this will save you big money.
  2. Use a portable heater or heating blanket to heat the specific area of your home you are in. If you have a large home, odds are you are paying to heat a lot of space that you are not occupying very often. This will allow you to lower your thermostat and still be comfortable in whatever room you’re in.
  3. Make sure warm air is not escaping through places you might not have considered. Insulate your attic access door, for example, and make sure your flue is closed when you are not using your fireplace.

Don’t let anymore of this winter pass by without taking these steps to lower your heating bill. Contact the friendly people at Honest Air for Scottsdale HVAC service and  for more ideas on how to save money on your monthly energy bill.