Home comfort climate control is the biggest energy expense you have. According to Energy.gov, heating and cooling accounts for almost half of the energy American households use every year. As a result, “smart” thermostats have become incredibly popular. Here are some of the top benefits consumers enjoy:

Saves money
Smart thermostats are designed to reduce energy waste and increase efficiency and, in the long run, saves consumers money on heating and cooling bills. Estimates suggest you can save anywhere between 10 percent and 23 percent annually. Additionally, you can receive routine reports, allowing you to analyze your heating and cooling use, providing you with the data you can use to further increase energy efficiency. With smart thermostats, you’ll even receive recommendations on how to scale back on energy usage.

Reduces energy use
Contemporary thermostats are designed to adapt to your preferences and, as it learns, it drops and raises the temperature automatically as you move about your home. Movement sensors detect home activity. For instance, if no one is home, less heat or AC is needed and the thermostat adjusts accordingly. You not only save yourself money, you help the environment in the process by reducing your carbon footprint.


With a smart thermostat, you can pretty much set it and forget it because the device does the “thinking” for you as it gathers data and makes adjustments as needed. Advantages include:

  • Being user-friendly and easy to program.
  • Allows you to adjust the temperature from your smartphone using an app.
  • Enables you to receive email alerts if your power goes out or if the temperature in your home fluctuates outside the settings you want.
  • Enhances comfort since it detects when you need heating or cooling.
  • Modern smart thermostats get “smarter” the longer they are used. Over time, they predict the times your household is active, making it simpler when you go on vacation or seasonal changes arrive.

These thermostats are not the huge expense you’d think. Today, they are affordable and, with the ability to save on your energy bill, it isn’t long before the device pays for itself.

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