Spring has officially arrived, and the weather will only continue to grow warmer over the next few months. This means that you will begin to depend on your Tempe air conditioning unit to keep your home or workplace at a comfortable temperature. This early in the year, your system may not have gotten much use since the previous cooling season. As a result of this stagnant state, it is not uncommon to experience problems. If your system is not operating at its best, these are some potential causes.

  • Clogged air filter: Is your system working extra hard to cool your home to the desired temperature? Over time, your unit’s air filter can accumulate dirt and dust, causing your system to operate less than optimally. Energy Star® recommends checking your filter each month and changing it when necessary, every three months at the most1.
  • Low refrigerant levels/refrigerant leaks: Each unit is manufactured with exact specifications for refrigerant charge. If your system is not fully charged, it will not operate efficiently. In addition, refrigerant leaks can also cause problems. An Honest Air technician can check for leaks and properly charge your unit to its full potential.
  • Drainage problems: Your unit may also have a clogged drain or misaligned drainage pan. One of our trained technicians can easily flush the drain to unclog it, or properly place the pan to put it back in alignment.
  • Electrical/Sensor Problems: As is expected, electrical fan and compressor controls and thermostat sensors can wear out over time. Easily diagnosed, your technician can replace the parts and have your system running at full efficiency in no time!
  • Blocked airflow: While you may not realize it, your system may simply have a blocked air intake which is affecting the airflow. Survey the area around your outdoor unit to check for any debris such as overgrown shrubs, leaves and grass.

While these problems may be easily fixed by a certified HVAC tech, it is never recommended to try and fix the unit yourself. This can cause additional damage to your unit and could affect your manufacturer warranty if you have one. Routine maintenance, typically performed twice per year in the spring and fall, is the best way to prevent these problems. Call us today to ask about our maintenance agreements, or to schedule Mesa AC repair services.