For most purchases you make in your life, it’s true that you will walk away with what you paid for. In other words, there is a direct relationship between price and quality. This is true of automobiles, of electronics, of jewelry, and so on. It is also true of AC filters, but not entirely without qualification, as any Honest Air Conditioning technician working in Mesa can attest.
And what is that qualification?
In short, it is the fact that individual humans are varyingly susceptible to allergens resulting from poor air quality. A person with considerable resilience to airborne pollutants and the like might benefit minimally from using a costlier AC unit filter. On the other hand, those with more sensitive lungs and nasal passages may largely benefit from investing in a premium filter for their air conditioning unit. The quality of your air quality is something every Honest Air Conditioning professional in the Mesa area can accurately measure when providing you with air conditioning service.
Explained simply, an AC unit draws its air from your home before recirculating it throughout that same environment. In the absence of filtration, dust and debris of all sorts (animal fur, for instance) will more easily populate the air-conditioned space. The result for many can range from breathing problems to severe eye/nasal congestion in their own home.
Maintaining a high level of air quality may require little more than spending a few extra bucks on your AC unit’s air filter. Lower cost filters typically fall in the $5.00 range, while their premium counterparts often run upwards of $30.00. What accounts for that differential is the degree to which higher end filters trap various pollutants, odors, and particles. A top-tier AC filter will feature dense, pleated material which has undergone advanced treatments to allow it to be capable of cleaning air far more thoroughly than what a basic filter can offer.
To sum up, yes—expensive AC filters are worth the expense, especially so for those who are susceptible to allergies and breathing troubles when plagued by low air quality. Consult with a Honest Air Conditioning expert in determining if spending a bit more on your AC unit’s filter is the right choice for you and your family! Our many services can benefit you and your home no matter what your need.