Technology has improved peoples’ lives in many ways and this includes providing comfort during the summer with air conditioning (AC). Its main purpose is to make the home cooler by changing the temperature, the humidity and the quality of air in general. An AC system has four major components through which air passes; first is the evaporator, then a compressor, a condenser, and finally an expansion valve. Here is the working principle of an AC system:

When you switch the AC to your desired temperature, the internally installed thermostat senses the difference in temperature, which is room temperature versus the temperature you’ve set it to. Warm air is then pulled in to the machine through a grille. The warm air then passes over some pipes within which the refrigerant circulates. This coolant fluid absorbs the heat while the dehumidifier removes excess moisture, thus making the refrigerant liquid a hot gas itself. The hot gas is then passed to the compressor. The main function of the compressor is to compress the gas, making it hot and high-pressure.

This hot and high-pressure gas then flows to the condenser, and as the name suggests, this component condenses the gas to become liquid. During this process, the heat from the hot gas is dispersed to the surrounding. The cooler liquid then moves on to an expansion valve, which controls its flow to the evaporator. Finally, the refrigerant, which is much cooler, is released into the room.

So, what happens to the heat released at the condensing stage? It’s dissipated to the atmosphere through metal fins. This process is accelerated by an electric fan that blows air past the metals. The whole process is repeated until the desired room temperature is achieved and gradually heat inside the room is pumped away to the outside air.

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