What could be worse than coming home to wet carpet? Well, in the case of an air conditioner leak, it’s the fact that your HVAC system might not be up to par. A properly maintained air conditioner should never leak water, but every now and then, things can go wrong. Whether your AC unit is old and has never been fixed or a new piece of equipment, the reasons behind an HVAC leak can range from quite simple to more complex.

If you have a leaking air conditioner, it’s important to figure out the problem and fix it quickly, as a leaky AC unit can cause severe damage to your home. Here are seven common reasons behind an air conditioner leak that you should be aware of.

1. A Defective Pan

Besides the coils and refrigerant, the inside of your air conditioner also has a drain pan that collects any moisture that may form in it. The drain pan usually has a one-way valve so that when the ductwork becomes clogged, water can move back up into your house instead of leaking into the garage or outside. If this valve is damaged or no longer there, it will make it difficult for you to prevent leaks from happening. If you’re a resident of Mesa, AZ and have been experiencing leaks with your AC unit, it may be a good idea to have a professional from Honest Air Conditioning do a full inspection of your HVAC system.

2. A Defective Coil

The main thing that brings heat into your house is the coils on your air conditioner. They’re usually made from copper or aluminum and can eventually get damaged. When they’re not functioning properly, they can’t absorb heat as they should, which will make them susceptible to ice buildup and leaks. Moreover, if they’re damaged and have holes, it will be difficult for your system to run correctly. This means that you’ll have to spend a lot of money on repairs and replacements. In the case of Arizona, where the weather is very hot, you need to ensure that your AC unit can handle it. If you have a leaking coil and haven’t been able to fix it, it might be time to seek professional help.

3. Low Refrigerant in the AC

The refrigerant in your AC unit changes the heat outside into cool air inside. This cool air will then be sent up through the ducts to different rooms in your home and distributed evenly through smaller vents. If there’s insufficient refrigerant or it has been damaged, this process can be affected, and you won’t get proper cold airflow. Moreover, if the balance of the refrigerant is off, there may be too much moisture being collected in your system, which could lead to leaks. You might hear a bubbling sound or hissing in your AC unit due to this. Honest Air Conditioning will provide you with the best solution to this problem, sparing you the cost of a new unit.

4. A Defective Filter

Every time your air conditioner runs, it will siphon a certain amount of dust. This dust enters the system through the vents and gets collected in the filter. The filter is responsible for trapping any impurities that make their way into your house. If there’s too much dust or if it has been punctured by something inside of your unit, it could clog the filters and put the cooling system into overdrive. This will cause your AC unit to stop working properly. The clogged filter keeps the air from flowing over the evaporator coil, causing it to freeze. When the frozen coil melts, the water causes the pan to overflow, causing the AC unit to leak water.

5. Poor Installation

This is a possibility when an AC unit has been recently installed. It might happen because the person who did the installation didn’t do it correctly, or they could’ve placed the unit in a location where it’s vulnerable to structural damage or weathering. This can include improper valve placement, allowing water to flow in from sprinklers or broken gutters, or the water lines may not have been properly directed away from your air conditioner. At Honest Air Conditioning, our HVAC technicians can provide professional and reliable installation services and ensure that your unit is installed in the right place.

6. Broken Condensate Pump or Float Switch

In cases where you’ve placed your HVAC unit in a basement, it’s not always easy for water to flow out of your drain line. The condensate pump is designed to help with this and will discharge excess water, but the water will start to build up if it stops functioning. The float switch is responsible for detecting when the water has reached a certain level, and then triggering the condensate pump to drain the water. If the condensate pump is broken or the float switch has stopped working, the water will not be able to drain as it should, and it will leak into your house. Honest Air Conditioning can help you fix this issue right away and ensure no moisture leaks from your HVAC system into your home.

7. Poor Maintenance

If you’re not properly maintaining your air conditioner, you could be exposing it to damages that can result in leaks. This is especially true when it comes to changing the filter. To avoid this, make sure you change your filters regularly and only use the recommended one by your HVAC unit’s manufacturer. It’s also good to get an annual inspection to spot any damage before it becomes too severe. Your HVAC system is an investment and should be treated as such. If you live in Mesa, AZ, Honest Air Conditioning will help you cover all the necessary maintenance and repairs to keep your system functioning properly without unexpected costs.

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