While most states are looking at record breaking snowfall and blizzards, Arizona is already starting to think about summer. Temperatures in the Gilbert area have already landed in the 80s, and it is only February. When it comes to needing cooling service Gilbert locals know and trust Honest Air. Our goal is to save you money and keep you cool this summer. Here are a few simple ways to save on your cooling costs this summer.

  1. Have your HVAC unit serviced. Call us to schedule your seasonal air conditioning maintenance visit. One of our AC technicians will inspect, clean, and lubricate your unit. This will help ensure that it is running at peak efficiency and keeping your home cool without costing more than it has to.
  2. Change your filters monthly. Dirt, debris, and allergens can build up in your AC filter. The more that builds up, the harder your unit has to work to keep your home cool. Working harder means less cool air for more money. Replacing your filters monthly during the cooling season will keep your unit running at its best.
  3. Use pleated filters. Speaking of filters, replace yours with pleated high efficiency filters. They are the best filter you can buy and use less electricity to cool your home.
  4. Use your ceiling fans. Your fans create a breeze and can make a room feel several degrees cooler. They cost significantly less to operate than your air conditioner does, so take advantage of them to stay cool and save money. Just remember that fans do nothing to actually lower the temperature so they are only effective when you are in the room to enjoy them. Turn them off when you leave a room to save electricity.

By following these four easy tips, you will save money on your electric bill this summer without compromising comfort.