Thermostats fall under the category of things that should be seen and not heard. However, you may hear them from time to time. A thermostat might make an unexpected clicking noise, which could make you nervous. Is there a problem with the system? To find an answer, let’s look at the possible reasons for clicking noises.

The Relay System

The clicking sound heard from the thermostat may be nothing more than audio from the relay function. A relay sends increased or decreased electrical current power. When someone adjusts a thermostat, the relays kick in to provide the desired level of energy. The engagement of the relay creates the clicking sound, which doesn’t usually mean anything is out of the ordinary. If the furnace makes loud clicking or other sounds and goes on and off, there may be a serious problem. Calling someone to inspect the system makes sense. At Honest Air Conditioning in Mesa, AZ, we provide installation, repair and maintenance services for air conditioning and heating systems.

Insulating the Sound

Although there may be nothing wrong with the thermostat, the clicking sound might be annoying. Perhaps you should consider insulating the box. Insulation could muffle the sounds. A service technician can perform this work as part of a routine tune-up or inspection.

Location Counts

Clicking sounds may occur when the thermostat isn’t placed in the best location. Installing the unit on a section of the wall that isn’t flat might lead to unwanted, amplified clicking sounds. Moving the thermostat could solve the problem.

Mounting Issues

Screws hold a mounted thermostat in place. So, you want the screws to be tight but not too tight. When tightened to excess, the screws contribute to the clicking sound. Similarly, if the screws are too loose, you may hear clicking noises.

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