Honest Air Conditioning understands that there are many different ways to cool a home. Whether your residence doesn’t have a central air duct system or you want an affordable cooling option, a swamp cooler could be right for you.

Swamp coolers are great in areas that have low humidity and can work for homes of any size. They can be installed permanently on the roof of your home and serve as your regular air conditioner. Smaller units can be placed in various rooms in a home to provide localized cooling.

Using Evaporative Cooling

Swamp coolers operate with the concept of evaporative cooling. This is the same as when you get out of a pool and get chilled by the air. As warm air comes into contact with cool water, heat gets transferred away from the air. Some of the oldest cooling systems used the same concept.

Putting a wet towel in a doorway and letting air blow in through it was an old form of air conditioning. Modern swamp coolers use a filter that is constantly kept wet. They blow warm air from your home through the filter to cool it off. The water is constantly refreshed from a reservoir.

Swamp coolers are a great way to add humidity to the air. Because the air that comes through the filter contains more moisture than it did when it entered it, swamp coolers will only work in a dry environment. The more humid the air is, the less it will be cooled as it passes through the moist filter.

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