ACAir conditioners are as different as the people who depend on them to keep their spaces comfortable during the hot Mesa, Arizona summers. Some units fit neatly in a bedroom window for localized cooling, while others are part of a larger heating, ventilation and refrigeration system with digital zone monitors and automated monitoring devices that alert homeowners when the filter needs to be changed or indoor humidity levels rise above a certain threshold. One thing all air conditioners have in common is that they will last longer when they are maintained properly.

Simple Steps That Extend the Life Expectancy of Your Air Conditioner

If you are like most people, your home air conditioner required a substantial investment. Protect that asset with these simple tips that help your unit or system work efficiently.

1. Change filters every three months, or on the schedule recommended by the installation technician or appliance manual provided when you bought your air conditioner.

2. Have the ductwork and coils cleaned regularly. By the way, cleaning the ductwork reduces the strain on the unit, and improves indoor air quality. Win-win!

3. Give your outside unit a sun-shade. Build a fence or other surround that blocks direct sunlight without blocking airflow. Think, lattice workboxes or a metal fence with vining plants growing on the sides. Avoid planting large shrubs within eight feet of your outside unit because they may eventually grow sturdy, deep roots that could damage the concrete pad.

4. Establish thermostat setting that won’t allow your home to overheat or become excessive cold. Your air conditioner will work much harder to cool off a home that needs a 20 degrees adjustment than a five or 10 degrees adjustment after a normal workday.

5. Consider scheduling an energy audit with an HVAC performance specialist. Correct structural issues with your home that allow air and moisture leaks should reduce energy costs, and extended the life of your air conditioner.

Mesa’s Trusted AC Maintenance Service

If your current air conditioner isn’t performing as well as it once did, it’s probably time for a thorough cleaning. Contact the Honest Air, Inc. service coordinator to schedule an inspection today.