Heat is considered a basic requirement for habitability in Arizona. As hot as it can get in the summer, it can still become quite cold during the winter, especially at night.

Even if you have a working heater, you may still want to have a space heater on hand. The appliances do fill specific needs, but you also have to be sure you use them safely — and that you keep your home’s heating system in good repair, too.

Heating Smaller Spaces

One advantage of having a space heater is that it is perfect for providing economical heat in a specific part of the home. It also allows you to keep one room warm while letting you reduce the heat in unused rooms.

Emergency Heat

Another advantage — and this is a big one — is that the space heater allows you to have heat if your regular system breaks down. It can even keep you warm while a repair crew from Honest Air Conditioning travels to your home and finds a solution to your system’s malfunction.

Fire and Burn Safety

A disadvantage is that space heaters carry a distinct fire and burn risk. Many models can’t be used while you’re asleep or placed on the carpet. You have to be very careful about the type of space heater you choose if you have a carpeted home.

While space heaters now have many safety features, like auto shut-off if the unit tips over, the risk is still there. In fact, space heaters are a major cause of home fires in the U.S. There’s also the risk of burning your hand if you get a heater without a cool-touch case. Ultimately, space heaters can be helpful, but you should exercise caution when using them.

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