Take Care of Your Air Conditioner

While air conditioners usually require very little maintenance, they do need to be cleaned on occasion in order to remove dust and moisture. Neglecting to clean your air conditioner can reduce its energy efficiency, its cooling ability, or – in the worst cases – the cleanliness of the air. Small home air conditioners can usually be cleaned by their owners, but larger central air and commercial units often need attention from professionals like those at Honest Air Conditioning. Whatever type of air conditioner you own, make sure you clean it before the busy summer season in order to protect both your investment and your air quality.

To keep an air conditioner working perfectly, several different parts must be regularly cleaned. The unit’s filter, intended to trap dust and other particulates from the air it draws in, will typically need attention more often than any other component. Smaller units often use disposable filters, so owners simply need to remove the dirty one and insert a replacement, which should be readily available at their local hardware store. However, most larger air conditioners use washable filters; owners should wash them with warm water and wait until they are completely dry before inserting them back into the unit.

It’s also important to vacuum or wipe down the unit’s ducts, grilles, and any other areas where dust may collect; larger outdoor units that have been exposed to the elements may need to be hosed down. Carefully check the air conditioner‘s condensation tube, and rinse it with a bleach solution if there are any signs of algae or mildew. Lastly, be sure to inspect the unit’s motor and apply oil if necessary.

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