Ceiling FanThe decision of whether or not you need to switch off your AC when using a ceiling fan mostly depends on the size of your room. If your fan is at least two or three meters away from the AC, then there is no need to switch it off. Since the AC cools the air, hot air will rise above the cooled air. Your ceiling fan helps in circulation of air, so it mixes the cold and hot air resulting into a balanced temperature.

The reasoning behind the common belief that it is wrong to use a ceiling fan when the air conditioning is on is that it increases the load on the AC unit. That is not entirely untrue but it leaves out the fact that ceiling fans are also capable of cooling a room due to the breeze they create. Ceiling fans are a great option for those who want to make a room comfortable without incurring high electric costs.

Using a Ceiling Fan While Your AC Is On

If you want to obtain the best comfort level in a room, both the amount of air in circulation and the air temperature need to be just right. While AC’s can help in creating the right air temperature, they may not be able to promote sufficient air circulation. When the air movement is not enough, people make up for it by reducing the temperature. On the other hand, it is a waste of energy to create excessive air movement. The problem can be solved by using your AC together with a High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) ceiling fan. It creates comfort and does not use up too much energy.

Using a split AC that’s close to the ceiling level, your room may take too long to cool. On the other hand, using a window AC that is not installed too high cools a room very fast. With window AC’s, the room starts to warm up very fast when you switch off the AC. If you run a ceiling fan at while the AC is on, it may help the room cool down in a slow and even way. After you switch off your AC, your room stays cool for longer.

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