Mini Split ACA mini-split AC in Gold Canyon, AZ, could be just what you need for your home. Also known as a ductless heat pump, a mini-split can efficiently cool any space your preexisting ductwork can’t reach: a newly built sunroom, for example, or the garage.

It’s also not unusual for those constructing a home from the ground up to choose ductless over ducted AC. Going ductless is the only option for others, particularly the owners of historic homes because ducts would compromise structural integrity.

Reasons To Consider Mini-Split AC

The way ductless heat pumps work is simple. A compressor outside releases heat that the indoor air handler draws from your air, and the air that returns from the compressor to the air handler is colder. What makes this transaction happen is a chemical called refrigerant. Refrigerant travels in a pipe connecting the two units.

Installing these three components doesn’t present much of a hassle. You can hang the air handler on the wall or from the ceiling, and its design is such that it can blend into any style of room. You can place the compressor as far as 50 feet away from each air handler. To enter your home, the technician will open a hole in the wall three inches in diameter for the refrigerant line.

With ductless AC, expect these benefits:
  • Quiet, energy-efficient operation
  • Up to 30 years of performance
  • Features like directional airflow
  • The ability to create temperature zones

Affordable Mini Split ServiceWith variable-speed operation, your air handler can avoid the wear and tear that comes with continually shutting down and starting up. All the time it’s on, it will deliver its cool air directly into your room without any loss. Contrast this with central air systems, which inevitably lose some of their air through cracks and holes in the ductwork.

Thirty years is a long time for a comfort unit to last, though we should add that this can only happen with proper maintenance. You’ll love how having multiple air handlers can let you create different temperature zones based on each family member’s comfort level. Each air handler has its own thermostat. You can access the settings wirelessly, too.

Installing Mini-Split Across Gold Canyon

Our HVAC company at Honest Air Conditioning can show you a wide array of name-brand mini-splits. It all starts with a consultation and a free equipment estimate. We boast an A+ rating with the BBB and have never received complaints from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

If you want to see what mini-split AC units would work well in your Gold Canyon home, simply give Honest Air Conditioning a call today. We’re also available to help with furnaces, AC systems, and heat pumps.