Uneven cooling is common in large homes and houses with older and less efficient AC units. Below are some options you can explore to help even out the cooling in your home during the summer. If you require AC inspection and repair services in Mesa, Arizona, Honest Air Conditioning is the company to trust.

Seal Off Ductwork

Any openings in your ductwork provide opportunities for cool air to escape. This is more likely to occur in older systems that may require more frequent inspections and professional cleanings. A professional can repair any cracks or open spaces in ducts.

Upgrade Attic Insulation

Missing portions of attic insulation can create spaces for heat to leak into the upstairs of your home. When cool air eventually gets to the top level of your home, it can get out through those parts of your ceiling.

Install Zone Cooling

Zone cooling systems operate with multiple thermostats throughout your home instead of just one main one. They can help you regulate room temperatures and may reduce your summer cooling bills over time by making your AC unit more efficient. An alternative to installing a zone cooling system would be to shut off air vents in downstairs rooms so that more air is directed to the upstairs rooms.

Minimize Indoor Heat in Summer

Pay attention to how much sunlight is coming into your home to decrease the temperature in rooms with large windows. Be sure shades are pulled down in those rooms and try to keep the ceiling fans turned on.

Clean Air Filters and Clear Vents

Clean air filters mean that air can flow more evenly in each room and will be healthier to breathe in. Air vents should also be clear at all times.

Scheduling Convenient AC Service for Uneven Cooling

At Honest Air Conditioning, we offer a variety of cooling and heating services, including repairs, maintenance, and installation. To book an AC service appointment to address uneven cooling problems in your house, contact us today.