Static electricity in the home can produce a variety of annoying side effects: static cling, startling shocks when touching metal or another person, and dry, itchy skin. The phenomenon we have come to know as static electricity is the result of built-up electrical charge on the surface of an object. Very dry winter air exacerbates the buildup of electrons on surfaces indoors. Consequently, customers often ask their heating and cooling specialists how they can reduce static electricity in their surroundings. To reduce static electricity indoors,Honest Air Conditioning recommends the following tips.

Adding a Whole Home-Humidifier

By adding a whole-home humidifier, moisture is introduced into potentially aggravating dry air all around the house. The humidifier is installed directly into the home’s HVAC system, and it pushes moisture throughout the house’s ductwork. The system then monitors the moisture levels of the air in the home. Whole-home humidifiers typically cost several hundred dollars; however, they typically remedy static electricity buildup with one step, operate automatically, and can even help to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Houseplants to the Rescue

Houseplants provide a natural solution to the problem of static electricity. Approximately 90 percent of the water plants take in is eventually released back into the air. As an added bonus, certain plants such as peace lilies, aloe vera, and Gerbera daisies also purify the air of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while adding moisture.

DIY Anti-Static Spray

Anti-static spray can be applied to fabric surfaces around the home to reduce electron buildup. The spray must be applied daily to carpets and upholstered furniture to achieve the greatest level of effectiveness. To make an anti-static spray, simply dilute fabric softener with water in a spray bottle. The anti-static spray may also be purchased.

While static electricity may seem like a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of issues that arise with heating and air conditioning systems, a lack of moisture in the air may be indicative of a more serious problem. Get to the bottom of what’s causing static electricity in your home by calling the knowledgeable technicians at Honest Air Conditioning. We furnish clients throughout the Mesa area with heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance as well as all related services.