HeatingIn many places, it is traditional to get a forced air furnace, but that is not the only option one has when choosing a heating system for a new home, or replacing an old furnace for an existing home. Another option for heating and cooling your home is a geothermal heat pump. But what is the difference between a traditional furnace and a geothermal heat pump? Is a geothermal heat pump better? Let’s find out.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps draw heat from below the surface of the Earth and use that energy to heat or cool your home. It is a renewable energy source that will never run out. Geothermal heat pumps are more efficient than forced air traditional furnaces. Using a Geothermal heat pump can save you anywhere from 30-70% on heating costs and 20-50% on cooling costs. However, the drawback is that they are far more expensive to install. The system itself costs more, plus the installation is very expensive as well. The expensive upfront cost may not be suitable for some, but over time the savings with efficiency can more than pay for themselves. The pump also still needs electricity to run, so that is a consideration as well.

Traditional Forced Air Furnace

Today’s forced air furnaces are much more efficient than older furnaces. One benefit is the inexpensive upfront cost of a furnace. Another is the ability to control the indoor air quality of your home. Furnaces provide quicker results for heating your home also. Furnaces also work well with central air conditioning units. The drawback to selecting a furnace is they are not as efficient as geothermal heat pumps. It also uses natural gas, which is not a renewable energy source.

Choosing the Company to Install Your Chosen Heating System

Honest Air Conditioning of the Mesa, AZ area is a great place to purchase your next heating system to either upgrade in your home or select one for a new home. Regardless of whether you choose geothermal heat pumps or a traditional furnace, we carry both and can take care of the installation. Contact Honest Air Conditioning and let us take care of your heating needs today.