Carrier FurnaceDuring the coldest months of the year, we depend on our heaters to provide the comfort we need. But the unfortunate truth is, the hot and cold temperatures aren’t the only weathering you should worry about. While year-round extreme temperatures and soaring humidity levels can put more strain on your system, other types of weather can mean a poor-functioning unit and even a system breakdown.

A Natural Cleaning

Although it may be surprising, rainfall can actually be good for your furnace. As our heating system fans and coils get used on a daily basis during the summer, it can mean dirty parts and more friction on system components. During light to moderate rainstorms, the water seeps into your unit, causing a natural cleaning of important system components.

Watch Out for Flooding

In regards to our heating systems, rain only becomes a factor when it gets extreme. While our systems can withstand heavy amounts of rain, flooding can provide some serious worry — and for good reason. Given that our outdoor units are able to withstand heavy amounts of rain, our indoor units are at a greater risk. Whether flood waters reach your outdoor unit or indoor unit, it’s important to first turn off your system. If you forget this step, it can result in further damaging your unit and causing some serious electrical problems. After your system is turned off, the next step is also highly important.

Call an HVAC Professional

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