Whether your green home in Mesa, AZ already exist, or if you decide to build it from scratch, it is definitely worth the investment. An environmentally friendly home can save you money, by reducing your energy bill. Even if you already live in a home, it’s not too late to start living green.

An energy efficient home may have a geothermal heat pump or another type of heating system. In fact, a heat pump is a natural heating source that uses the environment for both cool air and warmth.

To get the best enjoyment from your home and investment, you need to invest in eco- friendly materials and building supplies. The first step is to think natural.

Install Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

The problem with some older homes is the lack of insulation around the windows and doors. When windows are not properly installed or properly sealed, air and heat escapes, causing your heating and cooling unit to work extra hard. To keep your air and heat from escaping, try following these suggestions:

  • Check the seals or caulking around the window
  • Remove old caulking or re-caulk if necessary
  • Remove and replace old weather stripping
  • Buy new Energy-Star Certified windows

Install a New Energy Efficient Duct System

If you are installing a new duct system, be sure to have the duct system installed by a professional HVAC technician. If you are renovating your home, be sure to test your duct system for leaks and improper connection points. Air and heat should flow evenly throughout the house.

  • Hire a professional HVAC technician to install energy efficient duct system
  • Be sure to check for leaks or improper connection
  • Pass on buying used vents
  • Invest in a quality duct system to save money in the future

Do Not By-Pass on Insulation

A well-insulated home is able to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the weather. Never settle for old outdated insulation; instead, opt for energy efficient insulation. When your home is well insulated, you can expect:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced energy bill
  • Even inside temperature


Building an environmentally friendly home might be costly, but in the end, you would have invested in a lifetime of savings. Over the next decades, you will save thousands of dollars in energy bills. The materials you choose will last a long time, and most importantly they are recyclable.

To learn more about what you can do for an environmentally friendly home, contact us today!