An air conditioning filter seems like a pretty straight-forward product until you get to the hardware store and see an entire aisle filled with various types. The truth is that an air conditioning filter is much more important than you may think, especially if you or your family has allergies or certain health concerns. Knowing what to look for and what you need can help your family to breathe more easily and it may help your air conditioning unit to run more efficiently. There are a few different sizes of filters available depending on your unit so make sure you know what size you need before you head to the store. Honest Air has been air conditioning Gilbert homes for many years, so if you have specific questions about what kind of filter is best for you, give us a call.  

Standard filters:

A standard filter is the least expensive filter you can buy and that is because it only filters large contaminants from entering your air supply. Large contaminants make up about 10% of the allergens, particles and contaminants that a filter comes in contact with. If you or your family members have breathing issues like asthma or allergies, you may want to invest in a better quality filter. This type should be changed once per month or potentially even more often depending on how much you use your unit and the amount of dust and allergen levels in your area.


Pleated filters are similar to a standard filter but the fabric is pleated which offers better filtration. They will filter 35-40% of particles from the air. Pleated filters are slightly more expensive, but they may only need to be changed every three months.


Electrostatic filters come with a built-in static charge or they create one when air passes through the filter. The charge helps bind contaminants to the filter so they don’t enter the air supply. They can filter about 90% of contaminants from the air and they should be changed every three months.


High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter or HEPA filters are typically used in hospitals because they can filter 99.9% of the particles from the air including smoke, dust, pet dander and mold. Their higher price point typically prevents home owners from considering them but they are the best quality filter that you can buy.