Central AC and heating units can develop all kinds of issues, and when they do, they often emit certain sounds. Below are just five of those sounds. Though they are sounds that no home or business owner wants to hear, they must nevertheless be taken into account.

1. Rattling and Banging

Components can become loose over time. Examples include the fan, electrical wiring, or motor bearings. When these get loose, they all result in a rattling sound. Another possible explanation for rattling is the presence of debris in the HVAC unit. A banging noise will arise if a part has completely broken off or become disconnected.

2. Grinding

In some cases, the pistons in a worn-down compressor will make a grinding noise. This issue can be especially costly; owners may even need to buy a new HVAC unit. At Honest Air, we offer premium HVAC products so that residents in the Phoenix area can remain comfortable all year round.

3. Hissing and Whistling

Persistent hissing most likely signifies a refrigerant leak. Since refrigerant is a health hazard, it’s important to address this issue right away. As for whistling noises, these can be due to an air leak in the ductwork.

4. Screeching

Bad motor bearings and bad blower motor belts may produce a screeching or squealing sound. Another possibility is that the blower motor unit has not been lubricated.

5. Clicking

Though every HVAC unit clicks when it turns on and shuts down, frequent clicking during operation is a bad sign. It may mean that the system has a defective relay or faulty thermostat.

Experienced Technicians to Inspect Your Unit

When you hear one of the sounds mentioned above, you can have a highly trained technician from Honest Air Conditioning inspect your packaged unit, heat pump, or mini-split system. Our company holds an A+ rating with the BBB and has had zero complaints with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Contact our office in Mesa today to get started.