Saving moneyWhen the need to warm up the interior of your home for the winter season arrives, so does the need to start paying an increase in heating bills. If you are concerned about how much you are spending to effectively heat your home, try some of the following tips to keep the amount on the lower end.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Not Allowing Air To Escape

Many people find that their windows are drafty, allowing for heat to escape the interior of their homes. If you notice cool air coming into your home around your windows during the cooler months of the year, consider upgrading your windows to more efficient models. If new windows are not an option at the moment, use pieces of weather-stripping, expandable foam, or caulk around your window panes to help seal them effectively. In addition, use thermal-lined curtains or draperies to cover your windows so air loss is not as great.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will allow you to select the temperature you would like in the interior of your home at any given time. Keep your thermostat at a lower level at times no one is home. Turning down your thermostat at night is also best as you will be asleep and not noticing the change in temperature if you use proper bed coverings to keep you warm.

Call For A Routine Maintenance Appointment

Contacting our company to make an appointment for routine maintenance of your heating source will improve the efficiency of your unit. This will reduce the amount of time and duration of time that your unit needs to run to heat your home, thereby minimizing the amount you need to pay for its operation. Our service technician will check over your unit, clean it out completely, and make any repairs necessary to keep it running throughout the winter without incident.

Reliable Heating Services in Mesa, AZ

If you are interested in having your furnace checked, or if you need maintenance conducted, call Honest Air, Inc. in Mesa, AZ to schedule an appointment. Reach out to us today to help you keep your heating costs as low as possible!